The Spaw

 Training Center

Our mission at The Spaw Stay'n'Play Training Center clearly reflects a strong commitment to fostering a positive relationship between dogs and their owners through modern, science-based, and ethical training methods

Fusion of Science and Experience

We emphasise the importance of combining the latest scientific insights with your practical experience, highlighting a holistic approach to dog training.

The Harmonious Bond

Our ultimate goal is to create a harmonious bond between dogs and their owners, indicating a focus on building a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

Well-Behaved, Happy Dogs

We aim to nurture well-behaved and happy dogs, showing a concern to obedience but also for the emotional well-being and happy dogs. Which aligns with the idea that a well-trained dog is not only obedient but also content and fulfilled.

 Force-Free Methods

Science-Based, Force-Free Methods our commitment to using cutting-edge, science-based, and force-free training methods underscores a dedication to ethical and humane training practices.

Loving,Rewarding Partnership

We emphasise the qualities of love, respect, and mutual rewards in the relationship between dogs and their owners, highlighting a positive and compassionate approach.

Pricing Table

Group session 
 60 mins
Individual session 
 60 mins
4 x Group session 
 60 mins
5 x Group session 
 60 mins
Puppy Training
 45 mins
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