the spaw stay 'N' play

The Benefits of
 Stay 'N' Play Dog Day-Care

The Spaws, Stay 'N' Play provides your Dog the life skills which should prevent unwanted behaviour’s such as destructive or destructive habits and separation anxiety, creating a happier, more content Family life.

The Spaw offers a Complete Dog Service. 
From Wash 'N' Dry to Stay 'N' Play. 
By trusting your Dogs care to The Spaw & our Dedicated, Caring, & Trained Staff, provides benefits to your Dogs overall well-being.

The Spaw integrates your Dog in our Care Centre which allows them physical exercise, which in turn provides a energy outlet, mental stimulation, and confidence building around other Dogs.


Dogs are supposed to be active. Hunting, herding, protecting–each breed is ingrained with a specific purpose, none of which includes lying on a doggie bed and waiting for you to come home.

 At our Stay’n’Play your dog will enjoy every moment while “working out” in our half acre site. We have plenty of chill-out areas to relax after.

Mental Enrichment 

One of the keys to a happy and healthy dog is regular enrichment and allowing them to engage in their innate behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing and scavenging. We encourage your dog to engage in these behaviors, Stay’n’Play facilities help them to be physically, emotionally and mentally satisfied. Dogs who don’t receive stimulation tend to find ways to enrich themselves, resulting in unwanted behaviours.

Social Dogs

Your dog will have the opportunitie to socialise with other dogs mostly of similar size and age. But most importantly  in a safe, monitored environment. The Spaw provides a place for your Dog to explore their natural pack instincts.
 Increased socialisation leads to a more confident, Dog & People friendly dog.

Safety First

The Spaw's priority is to Safety and the wellbeing of all Dogs while they are in our care. We require all Dogs to undergo a One Hour assessment in order to learn about your dog’s personality.
This, involves meeting you and your dog. This allowes The Spaw to decide if your Dog is suited to our Day Care.
We separate groups playing by size and temperament. If your dog is older, or doesn’t enjoy playing with others, we offer individual care.

Stay 'N' Play Coffee Morning

We all lead busy lives, why not run your errands or simply go enjoy a coffee morning, all while knowing your dog is having fun, being cared for and running off that morning energy with his friends. Drop off anytime time after 8am and pick up again before 11am, both you and your dog can enjoy some “me time”.
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Stay 'N' Play Half Day

From 8am to 1pm, five hours of fun, frolics, exercise and mental enrichment.
We have the latest mentally enriching toys, tunnels, bubble machines, ball pits, splash pools and over half an acre of grass to dig up!
You can be guaranteed your pooch will sleep like an angel later.
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Stay 'N' Play Full Day

From 7:30am to last pick up at 6:30, 11 hours of the most unique facility a dog can dream of. Although we want to ensure a fun filled day, we also want to ensure your dog has plenty of opportunity to relax and sleep in our enrichment rooms. Soft flooring, comfortable beds are always accessible when a break from the fun is needed.
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