What Our Customers have to say 

Highly recommend The Spaw, Derek and his team. Our little cherub Holly loves The Spaw. Derek and his team build a great rapport and trust with all their four legged customer friends. She absolutely adores her visits, the micro bubbles are very soothing and refreshing on her skin, coat and busy paws.
She sleeps really well afterwards and comes home very zen, calm and content. It’s a great enriching experience for puppies, adolescent and senior dogs
Louise Callanan - McKeown
We love the Spaw! Both our dogs are spoiled there! We were there today for Microbubble treatment for one of them. He loved it and was so relaxed and chilled! He’s so soft and silky now. Also, he sheds constantly but since the Microbubble treatment- there’s no hair anywhere! Definitely worth regular visits to the SPAW!!
Aisling Ní Laócha
Meet Derek & Laura saturday when I brought 2 HART lurchers for a wash and blow dry, such nice kind caring people. I enjoyed it as much as Aspen & Petey who were so soft tp touch afterwards and smelt fab.
Colette O'Callaghan 
Highly recommend The Spaw fantastic set up
For dogs of all sizes
Self service facilities to wash n dry your dog
Saves the hassle of washing your dog at home , especially for short haired coats that only need a bath
Have lovely dog tags on sale as well and there plague powder on sale works wonders for your dog
Laura Buckley
Fantastic set up and everything is so user friendly .Not only comfy for the dogs but no sore back from doing in the bath at home. Dogs loved it as not crowded in on top of one another in their seperate shower units. Friendly service too, i would highly recommend The Spaw
Susan Walsh
Brought my pooch to the Spaw , my friend recommended them to me and they were awesome !! My doggie doesn’t really like strangers washing him so it was awesome I could do it myself ! Very professional staff and great atmosphere! Couldn’t recommend it enough
Graemo MacMahuna
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